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Arctic Wind and ice play sample
China Camp play sample
El Niño play sample
Intuition play sample
Dialects play sample
Elusive Sorrow play sample
Ozone Holes  
Rainforest Cathedral
Three Monet Impressions:
Tangled Foilage  
Houses of Parliament
Cape Martin near Menton  
total time: 49:49  

Arktos - crystalline compositions for guitar - solo, duo & bass 2003
11 truly innovative pieces touching on archetypal Arctic elements of raw natural beauty, glaciers, & ocean rhythms as well as the intuition, sorrow & equanimity around preservation of this frontier wilderness. With virtuoso Matthew Montfort on second guitar.

Drilling for oil in the Arctic Refuge would be a horrible atrocity, evidencing a profound lack of wisdom on the part of our representatives in Congress. Support the movement towards an Arctic Refuge National/International Monument. Let your voice be heard and make your actions felt through conservation. 50 minutes

Reviews and Quotes

The rich movements of alan tower's guitar on Arktos are both soothing and unexpected. In addition to evoking nature's beauty and texture, they made me do things that very little new music in this music-saturated world makes me do any more. They made me stop what I was doing. And listen. And feel gratitude.
- Alan AtKisson, sustainability consultant and author of "Believing Cassandra"

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