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Breath Of Creation

Track Listing MP3 files
Elegy for the Missing play sample
Rapture for a Friend play sample
Kanaha play sample
Lost play sample
Hookipagave play sample
Blank Slate Day play sample
Save Shasta  
Solar Sacrifice  
Flux: Dance of Hericlitus
Three Characteristics of Existence
Longing To Be  
Orcas Air  
Death at the Edge  
For It's Own Sake  
Total Time: 62:00  

Evoke timeless feelings and emotions with ancient sounds of the modern-day huaca and Hemi-Sync®. “Huaca” is a South American native term for something holy or sacred and the hallowed sound of breath flowing through fired clay inspires this sense of sacredness. For thousands of years flute instruments from virtually every culture have been used for ritual and healing. The huaca is a radical innovation in this tradition with large chambers allowing for three-part harmony in a wind instrument for the first time. Alan Tower's hauntingly beautiful huaca compositions have an organic, primal sound quality that spans the ages of time. Instruments featured: solo huaca.