Clouds on Earth

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Clouds on Earth play sample
Avalanche play sample
Many Truths play sample
Earl Grey play sample
On the Fringe play sample
Ratatouille play sample
Rational Behavior  
Pure Vibration  
Remember the Trees
Westron Wynde
Sacred Site: Mindscape  
Rough Draft
Clouds on Earth  
total time: 42:19  

Clouds on Earth
These pieces, composed in the 70's and early 80's, were recorded on a 1973 Martin D-41 and a Robert Ruck classical guitar. All are in standard tuning (eadgbe) except Clouds on Earth (dadgbe)and Many Truths (dadgad).

Special thanks to Lumin White who has been a true partner, engineering eight of the twenty-nine pieces and creating a seamless integration of a wide variety of recordings from different eras in mastering both CD’s. He immeasurably improved the sound using his innovative ‘super resonant’ applications, techniques, and energetic fields.

“It sounds so good you want to eat it.”- Lumin White, recording & mastering engineer extraordinaire

My musical life began in 1971 and revolved mostly around acoustic guitar. In 1991, while experimenting with wrapping my thumb around the neck in an attempt to circumvent bar chords, I injured my hand – healing spontaneously 16 years later. In the interim, a world of fixed-pitch resonance-based instruments opened up, starting with the Huaca . . . then Didjeridu, Hang, Soundflower and Soundstone.
It has been such a joy reconnecting with the guitar again through working on these two CD’s. Thanks to my wonder wife Neika for inspiration in all directions.