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Compassion play sample
Sea of Emotion play sample
Sound of Love play sample
Feeling the Stillness play sample
Days of Birth play sample
This Idea Can Save the Planet play sample
Less Is More  
The World as a Work of Art  
Change is Good
Total Time: 70:00  

Bring forth fresh ideas and insights while expanding your awareness with Alan Tower's unique sound of the solo Hang and Hemi-Sync®. The Hang ("hung") is a truly remarkable evolutionary instrument invented in Switzerland by Felix Rohner and first introduced in 2001. The sound it produces is likened to a hybrid of the Steel Pan and Gamelan. Tower has invented a Triple Hang Altar (see cover) that allows him to play two or three Hanghang together. Beautiful, melodic compositions will capture your heart and imagination, reawakening you to your divine nature and place in the Cosmos. Use Emergence for: quiet contemplation, creativity, or for establishing sacred space.

CD Baby - Easy and somewhat faster

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