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Quintessence 1974-1998

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Afterthoughts play sample
On the Fringe play sample
Early Gaia play sample
A Simple Path play sample
Ozone Holes play sample
Save Shasta play sample
Waiting For Your Love  
Your Sea
Waiting for the End
China Camp  
Leopard Skin Eyes
Flux: Dance of Hericlitus  
total time: 66:22  

Quintessence – best acoustic instrumentals & songs 1998
The formation of the acoustic sound of Free Energy is evident in this record of the most interesting 16 pieces of music from 1973-1998. Instrumentals and songs linked together by short audio clips providing an historical backdrop of important events taking place during the year pieces were composed. A strong eclectic record articulating the personal and ecological journey of Free Energy leader Alan Tower from folk & classical roots to a later world music influence. 66 minutes

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