The Understory

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Early Gaia play sample
Blue Highways play sample
Memories play sample
Kinetic Continuum play sample
10,000 Thunderstorms play sample
The Understory play sample
Gobi Burial play sample
Spirit of Place  
Liquid Love
Geomantic Journey  
Sacred Site: Landscape
  The Coming Quake (suite)
  When Snakes Awake  
  When Rats Leave Town  
Flying Tigers  
For Laurie  
total time: 69:03  

The Understory
This album was inspired by the musical visions of Michael Hedges, Alex de Grassi, Karen Attix and the planetary vision of Miriam Teresa MacGillis, Brian Swimme & Thomas Berry.

So called “open tunings” maximize the resonance of a guitar, and are used extensively on this record, for example, dadf#ad indicates the tone for each string starting from the lowest 6th string, to the highest 1st string. The f# third, in this case, is effectively closer to a pure tuning than with equal temperament.

These tracks, composed in the late 80's, were recorded on a 1986 custom guitar made by Earvin Somogyi from 1986-1991, except those * engineered by Lumin White in 2010/2011.

A bow of gratitude to my music/life teacher W.A. Mathieu . . . . this guitar journey coming first in preparation for Allaudinsan’s taking on the guiding of my musical life.