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Bearing Witness

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Alan Tower has created a didjeridu duo album unlike anything else available musically, as well as being created in service to the indigenous peoples of the world, bearing witness to the earth’s vanishing ethnosphere. He is seeking a record label for this project that connects with the intention behind it, and the didjeridu as a sacred ancient and modern instrument used in a compostional way while spotlighting these amazing musicians and their contributions.

On the back of the CD, Alan writes:

"Our planet is a flower from the deep heart of original mystery. This music bears witness to the diversity of the world’s cultural petals disappearing under the onslaught of global corporatization. Diversity isn’t a luxury - it’s a sign of health. Corporations today have all the legal rights of “personhood”, without the responsibilities. As one result, languages are disappearing at 5 times the current of rate of species extinction, which is 5,000 times higher than what is considered the natural background extinction rate. Each language is in itself an entire ecosystem of ideas and intuitions, a watershed of thought, an old growth forest of the mind. This record bears witness to the tearing apart of indigenous cultures through the mining and destruction of sensitive ecosystems for profit."

His didjeridu compositions spotlight the remarkable talent of the internationally known didj players, Randy Graves and Stephen Kent as well as Mark Deutsch, inventor of the Bazantar and Steve Sklar, eminent Tuvan throat singer and teacher. Tower explores the use of odd time signatures, while organizing the music in a way that creates a sense of journey. He has been attracted to creating melodies above the drone by pulling out nature’s harmonic series embedded in the pipe. This expands the didjeridu beyond rhythm into new territory.

Alan has 8 records on the market, three on and two on Hemi-Sync/Metamusic.


Randy Graves is a Rhodes scholar currently living in Northeast Arhnemland studying The Yolgnu culture. He is one of the most accomplished and creative didjeridu players in the world, able to do most anything on the instrument in a modern context, while able to play traditional styles exceptionally well.



Stephen Kent
While he has always had great respect for Aboriginal people and their culture, Stephen has never tried to imitate traditional styles on the didjeridu. Instead he has pioneered his own unique style with the didj [Didge, Didjeridu Didgeridoo] at the center of his many compositions in contemporary music. Widely regarded as one of the pioneering innovators in the modern world of the Didj he was a founder of the groups Trance Mission, Lights in a Fat City, Beasts of Paradise & Furious Pig and has made five solo CD’s.


Mark Deutsch
While studying North Indian classical music with the legendary Ustad Imrat Khan, Mark began delving deeper into the universal fundamentals of music and their underlying vibrational structures. His background in non-linear mathematics, sacred systems, cosmology and in the physics of sound bore fruit with his being awarded a US patent for the Bazantar, a 38 string bass viol with 29 sympathetic strings and 4 drones. He designed this instrument as a tool, as much as a thing of sonic beauty, to demonstrate nature’s vibrational code or DNA in a new and extraordinary light.

Steve Sklar
• Founded the International Association for Harmonic Singing (IAHS), 2002
• Created the first online throat-singing lessons, 2003. Teaching khoomei since 1997.
   Has deconstructed the traditional styles so that they may be taught with simple, fun,
   and safe techniques and exercises.
• Singing khoomei since 1995, in several Tuvan styles
• Twice journeyed to Tuva, in 1995 and in 2001, with friends and khoomei mentors
• Perform and record with Big Sky, serving as lead guitarist, producer, and throat-singer,
   & "The Overtone Orchestra"

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