Hang (hahng)

Alan Tower

Compositions listed by most recently written

Days of Birth

based on a jam with Gary Muszyinski

Feeling the Stillness

D Harmonic Minor, 5th Mode
a compelling rhythm and melody surfaces from the stillness

It's Only An Abyss

Recorded on two Hangs on Triple Hang Altar
C minor Pygmy & D Harmonic minor

The World as a Work of Art

Pygmy - based on a Virgina Wolf Quote
C minor Pentatonic with b7

This Idea can Save The Planet

Pygmy with an "F" note on 2nd Hang
Dealing with challenge of corporate "personhood",
revoke and reframe "limited liability"

Being in the Flow of Meaning

5th Mode of D Harmonic minor
D3 Dome (ABbC#DEFGA)

Sea of Emotion

Pygmy C minor Pentatonic with b7
this Pygmy sings more than any other I have played


D Harmonic minor - on the bottom of a pool looking up at the light coming through moving water - First attempt at a trance feel

Body Language

5th Mode of D Harmonic minor (ABbC#DEFGA) Dome low D Nice groove and very melodic


D Harmonic Minor
Will end up as a duo Hang Piece

Comfortable with Uncertainty

D Harmonic minor
(DEFGABbC#D) Dome A - Slow with focus on instrumental tone and melody

A Sweet Situation

D Harmonic minor
This is my first Hang composition, has a strong melody


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The Hang was developed by the instrument builders of PanArt, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer. It was the result of many years of research on the steelpan and the study of the diverse collection of instruments from around the world: Gong, Gamelan, Ghatam, drums, bells, Singing Saw...
In November 1999, the Swiss musician Reto Weber visited Panart Ltd, showed his art of playing Ghatam and dreamed of a sounding pot in steel with some notes to play with the hands.

HANG means "hand" in the Bernese language
and so this new instrument of the millenium is played with the hands. Since its premiere at the Frankfurter Musikmesse 2001 it has won the hearts of many musicians all over the world.

Triple Hang Altar



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Each hang sits in it's own ring with optimal resonating foam material. Rings are fully adjustable to accommodate 3 musicians of different heights playing together, as well as for optimal distances between the hangs for the needs of one player. One of the three rings has an adjustable gooseneck to allow the hang to be positioned at a more vertical angle to better play three at once. The DNA spiral wraps around the base which is a representation of the Dodecahedron. With 12 faces and one of the 5 Platonic solids, this 3 dimensional pentagonal web represents the archetype of life and fecundity made visible. Some physicists believe that the universe itself is this shape, more accurately explaining measurements of the cosmic microwave background. The center flower is a hand blown glass votive which holds a candle for soft illumination. The center flower is also adjustable in height for optimal access to the instruments as needed. It comes with a hand built custom case on wheels for easy transport. Designed by Alan Tower and Orion Fredericks.
Built by Orion Fredericks.

Hanging Hangs on studio wall