Organic World Acoustic

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10,000 Thunderstorms – the spirit of evolution 2003
A mesmerizing sojourn into the cosmos. A 7-year project, this record is a wild ride from the initial flashpoint of creation to the present. A musical telling of the story of the universe. Featuring an array of original acoustic instruments including huaca, conundrums, kim kims and nyckelharpa. 15 compositions musically linked into one whole with moving didjeridu bass lines, and unique time, rhythm & counterpoint reflecting the complexity of the great surround. A sound signature of fired clay, alloy, wood and agave towards a whiff of the spirit of evolution. Like nothing else.
74 minutes

Includes a 16 page four color booklet - each piece investigates a concept or provocative human/nature idea articulated by a contemporary scientist, writer, activist, or naturalist.

The Eternal Presence 2003
Transcendent four-part didjeridu compositions for deep listening, yoga, massage, meditation and romance. This project was recorded in a 100 yd stone tunnel overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, transforming the sound with its radically powerful resonance. The collaboration features master players from South Africa, Mexico & the U.S. on one-of-a-kind agave didjeridu instruments in harmony ranging from 2 ft. to 10 ft. long.
71 minutes

Waves- solo huaca 2001
11 Compositions for the haunting beauty of the huaca. The shape of the instrument reminds some of lungs or a heart, while the finish can range from the subtle hues of a saggar firing to the raw earthy look of a pitfire. The sound has a primal quality that can call up memories of a distant past. The focus of Waves is the beauty, mystery and plight of the oceans. As our own 70% salt water body, the ocean is becoming more toxic as we dump our wastes, and runoff from fertilizers reach the sea. Pieces are linked together by sounds recorded on underwater hydrophones. Volcanic tremors, orcca pods and mysterious sounds of unknown origin. Waves closes with a symphony of these sounds. They are a cry for help from ocean creatures to us to not take them for granted and protect their habitat.
48 minutes


Arktos - crystalline compositions for acoustic guitar -
solo, duo 2004

11 truly innovative pieces touching on archetypal Arctic elements of raw natural beauty, glaciers, & ocean rhythms as well as the intuition, sorrow & equanimity around preservation of this frontier wilderness. With virtuoso Matthew Montfort of Ancient Future on second guitar.
49 minutes

Quintessence - best acoustic instrumentals and songs -

Spotlights a range of instruments used for solo and group composition - huaca, guitar, piano, voice. Pieces are linked together using cultural audio snips from the year piece was composed. (e.g. Lennon's death, I did not inhale - Clinton)
66 minutes