Voice Cathedral - Quotes

A few responses from Voice Cathedral participants

“I felt something universal, like an entrainment with something much larger than me”
- H.T.

I was drawn in to a connection I have never felt before. - T.L.

“Sometimes I just disappear into the drone, it’s marvelous and a lot of fun” - S.C.

“My whole body was vibrating and tingling. It felt cellular. - G.M.

“The sound waves were coming in and out and I was trying to catch the wave, and sometimes I didnt catch the wave at all, and other times I went right inside and caught the wave” - J.M

“I was touched in a deep place. It was a profound spiritual experience” - P.T.
“It feels like coming home” - A.T.

“The last time in the chamber the tears just started coming. It’s such a beautiful practice” - F.S.

“It was an experience of union” – F.R

“It was opposite of what I thought it would be. I had to empty myself to reach the sound” - M.A.

“I was compelled to get inside the sound. To do that I needed to somehow dive over it” - SRL

“It felt like the ultimate gift” - A.S.

“It felt like a kiss from God” - M.T.